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The ability to assess and deal with crisis is a major challenge for countries and organizations.

For those well prepared the crisis becomes an opportunity for growth, and not an existential threat. 

We, at Think Creative, believe that combining our experience with your leadership and knowledge  will allow  you to leverage crisis to your advantage.


The Corona Crisis illustrated the need for: quality and timely decision making, balance, prepare, react, pivot fast, collaborate locally and globally.

Crises are inevitable and a fact of life. 

The question is not if they will happen, but when, how & to what extent.

So, how might we prepare, act and exit better during the next crisis? 

Build. Measure. Learn. 


We, at Think Creative have developed a model and toolkit to do just that. Together with a local partner, our experience is your advantage. 


Navigate the crisis with our agile model and toolkit 

COplanIT: improve readiness and resilience, providing effective and rapid response to crisis situations in order to contain and mitigate risk and damage,  to facilitate recovery and  encourage growth. 

Before. During. After. 


Our toolkit: COplanIT is a holistic (360-degree) modular toolkit for leaders and decision makers.

Together, with your local champion, we help prepare and manage  crisis, leverage opportunities, learn  and transition quickly to growth. Recognizing the uniqueness of each region, situation, and needs, our model has multiple intervention points, is transformative and relational with regards to local context and culture. 

Our Team has extensive experience in senior command of crisis management and special operations, spanning through the Defense Forces, Government both local and national. 

We have built crisis management centers (control rooms) and successfully managed complex crisis situations in real time, including:  Corona command center, snowstorms, fires, war and emergency situations, epidemics and cyber challenges.


Your plan for Crisis Management 

Our experience is your advantage

COplanIT is a holistic (360-degree) modular


delineating the crisis, prioritizing action plans


targeting and facilitating recovery,

planning ahead

Continuous Learning & Leadership Development

training, inquiry, mentoring and practice


preparing, understanding, defining and training

Intervention & Containment

providing rapid response and mitigating risk damage

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