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The Moving Dot Methodology - The world around us is moving at an exponential rate with technology as the main driver of change. In order to survive in this volatile and often hostile environment we have developed the Moving Dot Methodology. Think of a dot on the horizon which is in perpetual motion and the organisations’ goal is to keep its eye on the ball to maintain direction and focus. It is no longer sufficient to prepare for the future as it is becoming increasingly more complex to predict what the future will look like. We therefore need to prepare for a wide range of scenarios or possible futures. This is the ultimate challenge of organisations in the 21st Century.   



We use a systemic approach to organisational analysis based on years of experience and are aware that the process of initiating change is often fraught with obstacles and requires leadership skills and courage. Therefore we aim to embed leadership development and mentoring in a core group within the organisation to maximise the impact and results of the chosen strategy.

Consultancy Methodology

Our iterative, agile & collaborative process


What is your organizations’ value proposition and competitive advantage?


Strategising using a multifaceted approach balancing projection and creation


Are your organizations’ vision aligned with its’ actions?


Validated research based analysis


Refining goals to maximize results


Implementing the ability to perform and maintain sustainable changes 

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