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Michal Shalem

Founding Partner

Michal Shalem  is a serial business and social entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Think Creative.


Michal is an International expert in competitive strategy & policy, regional economic and social development. She has extensive experience in leading mega plans in multiplayer arenas & cross-border collaborative initiatives, developing innovation & startup ecosystems, design thinking and systems learning. 


Michal previously served as the Jerusalem Municipality and the Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat's Chief of Staff  and  led Jerusalem 2020, A Five-Year Plan for Competitiveness and Economic Growth in Jerusalem, together with Professor Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School, resulting in exponential growth of the city’s innovation ecosystem and  clusters. 


Michal established and led "Let's Grow Israel" a national initiative for developing  the inclusive  growth engine’s and competitiveness advantages of Israel’s Periphery.


Michal holds an MA in public policy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and graduated from The Wexner Senior Leadership Program at Harvard University.


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David Solomon 

Founding Partner

David has a global outlook, embraces diversity of culture and thought and is intrigued by the influences of technology on all aspects of our lives. An expert in leadership development, strategic planning, managing change, and risk analysis.


In addition to his role at ThinkCreative, David is a partner in a group of early stage investors in startups. He is the Chairman of Fetcherr, an AI Traveltech startup and a director at Coti an enterprise-grade Fintech platform. He is the Chairman of Solidari, an NGO platform driving social and civil activism, is a senior advisor to The Disruptive Futures Institute and facilitates executive and leadership development in cooperation with the Hofman-Kofman Foundation.

David has a BA in Business Administration from Middlesex University in London UK, an MA in Government with a specialization in Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security from IDC in Israel and graduated from The Wexner Senior Leadership Program at Harvard University.

David believes in making an impact through his voluntary work with LEAD promoting youth leadership development with social awareness as a catalyst for positive change. 

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Michal Lebenthal Andreson

Founding Partner

Michal Lebenthal Andreson, LlB is a design manager & the co-founder and CEO of Think Creative. 


She previously served as the Deputy Legal Advisor at the Ministry of Aliya and Integration. Born, raised and educated in the USA, she migrated to Israel at 19, making a multicultural perspective, an inherent part of her. She is Israeli Bar Certified, has a BA and MA from HUJI in Political Science, and a M.Des from Bezalel.  


Michal applies a multidisciplinary approach to complex challenges. Her toolbox includes years of legal advisory and policy, alongside experience in implementable strategy, design thinking, and systems learning, accelerating innovation and startup ecosystems.


Michal likes to enter new fields with an open mind and a whiteboard. She enjoys  working in diverse team settings, where complexity reigns, and creating a new common mutual language as a basis for interaction among the participants.

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Guy Shafran

Brigadier General (ret)

Strategic Partner

Guy is an expert in strategy and crisis management and leadership development. 

Guy is the former head of Special Operations Division in IDF Intelligence, commander of elite IDF unit, and manager at Israel Corona command center. Guy has extensive experience in leading complex processes, tackling challenges, senior command and management, strategic planning and crisis management.

Guy holds an MA in national security, specializing in national resource strategy, from the National defense university (NDU) Washington DC. 

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Tamar Many
Strategic Partner

Tamar Many is a multidisciplinary designer and senior lecturer in the Department of Visual Communication at the Shenkar College of Engineering & Design. She leads a course on impact-entrepreneurship at Tel Aviv University’s Coller School of Management.

Tamar is also cofounder of MindState, a multidisciplinary platform which conjoins designers, students, and professionals institutions, in order to explore and develop solutions for societal issues. She is actively involved in two HealthTech startups.

Our values

We strongly believe in a values based approach to goal achievement and success. Our core values reflect this and are a compass which guides our actions and conduct.

Integrity, Transparency and Accountability 

Building trust based partnerships.

Uncompromising Professionalism

Tangible and measurable goal oriented results.


Inclusive, collaborative, multidisciplinary approach.

Creativity and Innovation

Optimistic open mindedness and unbounded energy.

Continuous Learning

High adaptability to ambiguity and disruptive change.


We partner with those who share our values, take a long term approach, embrace collaboration and are excited to engage and commit with high energy enthusiasm to Think Creative’s unique approach to problem solving.

Corbin Donnelly

Who we are

We are a team of professionals with diverse local and global experience in the government, non-profit and private sectors. Our expertise ranges from competitive strategy, research and development, innovation, homeland security, law, design thinking, project management, managing change to leadership development. This unique diversity and synergy based on years of experience allows for ideation resulting in innovative and creative solutions to difficult challenges in order to achieve sustainable growth and impact.

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