Michal Shalem

Founding Partner

Michal is the founder and CEO of "Let's Grow Israel" a special task force which aims to bring inclusive growth to Israel’s periphery  based on competitiveness tools. She led 3 mega plans for competitiveness and economic growth, on national, regional and municipal levels, together with Prof. Prof. Michael E. Porter  from Harvard Business School of Economics. Previously, Michal served as the Jerusalem Municipality and the Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat's Cheif of staff, for a decade. She has extensive experience in creating, leading and implementation of  long-term plans and strategy in mega organisations, government relations, strategy and policy, private-public partnerships, foreign affairs, diaspora relationships, media and branding, social and business entrepreneurship.


Michal holds an MA in public policy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a specialty in Urban Planning and graduated from The Wexner Senior Leadership Program at Harvard University. She holds a BA degree in Political Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


Michal believes in sustainable policies that produce impact, and long term change that reduces gaps.

David Solomon 

Founding Partner

David Solomon recently retired after 36 years of service in the Israeli Army and thereafter in the Prime Minister’s Office reaching the equivalent rank of Major General in Senior Management positions. South African born and having served abroad and travelled extensively David has a global outlook and embraces diversity of culture and thought. David has extensive experience in command and leadership development, planning and managing change, homeland and national security, complex problem solving, cutting edge project management, integration of intelligence, technology and operations, risk analysis and strategic planning. 


David has a BA in Business Administration from Middlesex University in London UK, an MA in Government with a specialization in Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security from IDC in Israel and graduated from The Wexner Senior Leadership Program at Harvard University.


David believes in making an impact through his voluntary work with LEAD promoting youth leadership development with social awareness as a catalyst for positive change in Israel. 

Michal Lebenthal Andreson

Founding Partner

Michal has many years of experience working in the Government including serving as a Deputy Legal Advisor. Born, raised and educated in the United States, she migrated to Israel at the age of 19, by choice. Making a multicultural perspective, an inherent part of her. Michal has extensive experience in policy and regulation, creative problem solving and implementation of lessons learned, process strategy and management, negotiation, policy formulation, collaborative multidisciplinary and multinational projects. 

Michal is Israeli Bar Certified and holds a Bachelor of Law from the IDC Herzliya. Michal has a BA and MA from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem in Political Science. And is studying toward an MA in Design Management at Bezalel. She graduated from The Wexner Senior Leadership Program at Harvard University.

Guy Shafran

Brigadier General (ret)

Strategic Partner

Guy is an expert in strategy and crisis management and leadership development. 

Guy is the former head of Special Operations Division in IDF Intelligence, commander of elite IDF unit, and manager at Israel Corona command center. Guy has extensive experience in leading complex processes, tackling challenges, senior command and management, strategic planning and crisis management.

Guy holds an MA in national security, specializing in national resource strategy, from the National defense university (NDU) Washington DC. 

Our values

We strongly believe in a values based approach to goal achievement and success. Our core values reflect this and are a compass which guides our actions and conduct.

Integrity, Transparency and Accountability - Building trust based partnerships.

Uncompromising Professionalism - Tangible and measurable goal oriented results.

Teamwork - Inclusive, collaborative, multidisciplinary approach.

Creativity and Innovation - Optimistic open mindedness and unbounded energy.

Continuous Learning - High adaptability to ambiguity and disruptive change.


We partner with those who share our values, take a long term approach, embrace collaboration and are excited to engage and commit with high energy enthusiasm to Think Creative’s unique approach to problem solving.


Who we are

We are a team of professionals with diverse local and global experience in the government, non-profit and private sectors. Our expertise ranges from competitive strategy, research and development, innovation, homeland security, law, design thinking, project management, managing change to leadership development. This unique diversity and synergy based on years of experience allows for ideation resulting in innovative and creative solutions to difficult challenges in order to achieve sustainable growth and impact.