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Growing an Integrated Business Ecosystem

Michal Shalem, CEO and co-founder of Think Creative, who participated in the Israeli-

Palestinian Economic Forum IPEF 2020 stressed that over the next five years the focus should be on building a strong regional joint economy. Strategies need to be feasible and implementable. We want a better future for our children. By putting the economy into focus, and creating value for everyone through a shared and joint economy, you inevitably create a ripple effect and better education, health services, upgraded infrastructure, and more.

Recent agreements with the Gulf states open a window of opportunity to building a thriving regional economy through competitive growth engines for the benefit of Jews and Arabs alike. Through them, it is possible to improve the quality of life, create trust and security, a key to coexistence and growth. Shared value for all.

We invite you to watch Michal Shalem in the important panel on the Growing Integrated Business Ecosystem at the Israeli Palestinian Economic Forum:

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