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Think Creative Academy

Investing in organizational leadership development and creative thinking contributes to building an engine for organizational innovation and growth.

Think Creative provides interactive lectures &  workshops for refining challenges and developing your team's creative thinking muscle.


Think Creative creates a space for change in organizations, assists in refining and translating ideas into practice, creating a value proposition for customers and connecting to potential opportunities by providing integrated and flexible solutions to complex problems and challenges. 


Think Creative's human capital development and innovation methodology is based on creative learning, an interactive and experiential approach. 


Our workshops are tailormade in order to ensure alignment with your company’s needs. Our workshops are interactive and are best conducted in person. 

We also deliver workshops in a hybrid model, or completely online,  in English and in Hebrew.

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Ideation Sprints

Design Thinking is a human-centered creative approach to innovation and problem solving. 

It draws from the designer’s ability to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business to succeed. 

By incorporating design thinking tools into business everyday practice, participants develop an exploratory and creative skill set critical for innovation and decision making. 


An immersive tailor made Ideation or course that presents participants with a real challenge, allows them to explore the entrepreneur inside of them, using design tools, brainstorming solutions with a team, creating an MVP prototype and pitch. We will take you from idea to prototype to pitch.



The participants will be provided with a toolkit that includes:

empathizing - understanding the unmet need.

defining - the challenge and reframing it.

ideating - solutions in joint sessions.

rapid iteration & insight based on inquiry.




For Participants

  1. Acquiring practical implementable innovative and creative tools. 

  2. Hands on learning for effective and long term practice and applicability. 

  3. Enhance team building and growth.

  4. Enrichment


For the Organization

  1. Strengthening soft skills of the employees

  2. Dealing with organizational challenges using a unique methodology

  3. Interconnectedness

  4. Cross-organizational collaborations




Executive Development


Tools for Innovative Thinking

A workshop for refining challenges and developing your team's creative thinking muscle. Establishing a culture of innovation and out-of-the-box ideas with our  unique methodology.

What's in the workshop?

The art of refining the problem

What makes the problem problematic?

Validation of the challenge, visualization and everything in between

Design thinking and ideas

How do you see what you do not know? uncovering unknowns

Mapping the arena in which we operate

Creating creativity and an introduction to brainstorming 



Leadership skills can be developed. Leadership is a choice to take responsibility, lead and be accountable. Leadership is a combination of personal motivation, potential, development and opportunities.

In order to be successful, we help the organization develop an organizational leadership network with diverse abilities and skills, capable of dealing with complex challenges and problems.

The workshop covers*

Defining Leadership together

The choice to lead - what does it take to lead effectively?

Innovative and creative thinking

Effective Teams and Teaming

Leading Change

Strengthening my leadership identity

Personal Mentoring

*The leadership process is modular and tailor made for your needs.




Building Multi Stakeholder Collaborations

Today's world is characterized by complexity and diverse arenas with multiple participants. Skills of cooperation and ability to understand "different languages" are required. Using the playbook we developed, we create a space that allows for initiative and change, using tools from the world of design thinking, systems thinking and competitive strategy.

What’s in the workshop?

How to enter complex arenas by preparation

Mapping and understanding the arena

Identifying the "unknowns"

Validating and removing barriers to creating a joint action plan with various players

Creating space for collaborations


Systems Thinking & Mapping



The 21st Century is characterized by complexity. That is the operational arena.

The ability to think systematically, map and understand complexity is key to tackling challenges, thriving and problem solving.

What’s in the workshop?

A journey in systemic thinking

Opening creativity

A look at complex systems

Cluster map creation

Mapping typology

Delineating boundaries & finding intervention/leverage points

Mapping the participants' challenges - practical experience



The networking skill is a necessary tool in the 21st century. The stronger it is, the greater the value to the organization. Networking development will help create internal and external organizational collaborations.

What’s in the workshop?

An experiential workshop, which refines and improves your team's networking capabilities, physical and digital. The workshop uses tools from the world of strategy and the world of design thinking in combination with systems studies and case studies from Israel and the world.





Life summons us to changes and transitions over and over again. Crossings and transitions serve as bridges that lead us from place to place, to the next role or to the next chapter in our lives. Change and / or transition require management and can be prepared for.

A literacy workshop for transitions using the tools of design and strategic thinking  by taking participants on a personal journey in which they are given tools to re-imagine, build the next chapter, prepare for the new normal and become ambassadors of transitions.

What's in the workshop?

Creative thinking

Transition mapping - creating a personal map

Tools and simulations for developing transition literacy

Change management

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