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Growth Strategy for the Education System in Israel, post Corona

אסטרטגיית צמיחה(1)
Download PDF • 271KB

growth strategy for ES - final (3)
Download PDF • 293KB

Proud and excited to share the English version of the Plan : Coronavirus Crisis: A Window of Opportunity for a Growth Strategy for the Education System.

The Coronavirus crisis offers an opportunity to expedite processes and serve as a catalyst for changing paradigms in Education. A genuine window of opportunity for change has been opened, for a shift from a teaching-based system to a learning-based one. This is a chance for rapid deployment and embedding of technologies, innovative pedagogy, and advanced management mechanisms.

The main operative recommendations suggested together with the National Public Board of Education address the most pressing points of intervention that have come to light during the crisis. Implementing these will lay the infrastructure for an advanced education system, one positioned to meet the 21st-century challenges. These immediate recommendations are a part of a wider long-term strategic growth plan prepared and outlined in the roadmap presented in this document.

From Crisis to Growth & beyond!

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