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keyz - Building Resilience. Navigating Clarity in Crisis. Acheiving Targets & Beyond.

Very excited to share our new and exciting endeavor! keyz.

keyz operated by DEMS, is the first AI platform that can dialogue in natural language.

The Corona Crisis, revealed many gaps and shortcomings in inventory of medical and paramedical equipment. This, alongside a lack of method to access, manage and aggregate what exists and suggest alternatives from existing specifications and production lines. And, a lack of a comprehensive way to locate existing equipment, while their is intense worldwide competition on these resources.

keyz is the culmination of a collaboration between Swiss and Israeli teams to address these problems. Global Data Excellence, Think Creative, WEconomize and Ayala.

Building Resilience, navigating clarity in crisis. A true game changer.

keyz powered by DEMS AI enables the medical ecosystem to fight as one data connected network vs Coronavirus Covid-19. A keyz Crisis management center, powered by DEMS AI can be setup for your country in hours, and 2 weeks after, your medical ecosystem can navigate clarity during the crises and build resilience for the day after. The Crisis Management Center sets targets, and keyz acts as a “waze” to attain them.

Contact us and get your keyz immediately to take command over the organisational complexity and the disconnected linear bureaucratic systems. keyz is a unique Swiss-Israeli solution that respects individual liberties, that guarantees data ownership and that assures data privacy.

Proud to be a part of this great initiative, which has already been presented to the EU, Horizon 2020.

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